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Culturally, Japanese women are extremely polite and can easily accept your request for a date. It doesn't mean she is interested in you, maybe she just didn't mean no. Others refuse to go, but it doesn't mean she doesn't like you, she may just be anxious and shy.

Some Japanese women wait for the right date to start a relationship or have a date. The end of the school year, Valentine's Day and Christmas are the main dates for romantic dates. Just be careful not to ask the girl out without understanding how these dates work culturally.

Don't think about asking her to live with you unless you want to get married. If you live together without getting married, the parents should already be preparing the wedding ceremony, and the girl is probably thinking about the babies' names. This is a joke, but it is good to ensure or make clear your intentions in the relationship. You can always masturbate at home watching this

In Japan, girls are in the Valentine's Day on February 14. On March 14, boys must return this gift on a holiday called white day. The true Valentine's Day in the West takes place in Christmas Eve. Remember to spend it with your girl and not with the family.

Of course, things don't stop here, there are several articles on our website that go into more depth about relationships with Japanese people. Below we leave a list of articles for you to read later.

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According to Sir Mix-a-Lot, if you don't have buns, his anaconda doesn't want any. As a woman who definitely doesn't have "back," I always felt kind of left out.

While Sir Mix-a-Lot has been singing these immortal lyrics for more than 20 years, the big ass discussion is still on the table, thanks largely to Kim Kardashian, who has pretty much cornered the market.

I like big asses in pantyhose

But the question remains: Aside from Kanye and Sir Mix-a-Lot, do men really like big butts? Or is it just a rumor that started and everyone followed it?

YourTango asked eight men their thoughts on big butts. Completely anonymous and totally sincere, here's what they had to tell us.

Not all big butts are the same.

"I feel like some guys feel obligated to like big butts because that's the cool thing to do. I don't think all big butts are the same. Not all big butts are nice butts.

Mature babes with big asses are hot

For me, it's more about the shape of the butt than the size. You can have a nice little butt too. But just because something is "bigger" doesn't make it better.

Personally, I prefer women who live an active lifestyle if they also play sports, dance or do gymnastics (you get the idea). So you could say I prefer a toned butt and size is just a weak measurement. (Quality not quantity.)

Real world example, Kim Kardashian does nothing for me. I think she's disgusting. Maybe it's because I think she's a waste of life and that's what makes me exercise judgment, but when she broke the internet, I didn't care. Who do I think has a nice butt? Mila Kunis."

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